Facial Cleansing

Mini Silicone Electric Facial Wash Face Cleansing Brush

1. Deep cleanse, easy to clean inaccessible areas: forehead, wing of nose, corners of the mouth & jaw. 2. Made of high-quality silicone, superior toughness, anti-allergy, non-toxic and harmless. 3. T-sonic vibration up to 8,000times/minute, soft and comfortable to use. 4. IPX5 Waterproof, safe and reliable, portable for home or travel use. 5. Double mode: electric; manual; for deeper and more soft clean.

Face Care Electric Facial Cleaning Brush

Features of face Care Electric Facial Cleaning Brush: 1.10000 sonic vibrations per minute 2.soft micro fine brushes 3.water proof 4.head replacement

Cleaner face skin care brush 5 in 1 facial massager

Functure: 1. Cleaning the face to prepare for moisturizing of nourishing 2. Exfoliate of dead skin to reveal a radiant, youthful skin 3. Timely supply of water and nutrition to skin to prevent aging...