Nano Technology Deep Hydrating Water Replenishment

Nano Technology Deep Hydrating Water Replenishment

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Nano Face Steamer Portable Sprayer Moisture Sprayer Mini Cool Mist Facial Mister Nano Facial Mist Sprayer USB Charge


Product Description


  • Nano Technology Deep Hydrating : Ultra high speed vibrating technology, split water into tiny nanometer particles to make the effective components penetrate into skin and deep hydrating without ruining makeup
  • USB Recharge: Connected with mobile power bank, Computer, vehicle for charge, and 2hours for full charge, Built-in 800mah rechargeable battery
  • Water Replenishment :6ML water tank, Continues use last 4 times; Better use Mineral water and do no fill with Distilled water ,running water or high concentration essence astringent
  • Ideal Gift:Perfect gift for your family and friend on Christmas Day ,Thanksgiving Day, Valentine’s Day ;Mini design that can be put in bag or pocket


Nano Sprayer apparatus1




100% Penetrate into skin and deep norish the skin deeply

 The first skin apparatus that can nebulize all kinds of aquiform skin care productsnetrate into skin and nourish the skin deeply


Product advantage:


1: The world’s first style, can nanoatomize high sticky lotion,essence

2: 85Kpa super power, spray out combination of air and fog with nanoscale, to reach the bottom    of skin to facilitate the absorption

3: Replace to apply skin care products by hand, more clean, sanitation, save the amount of use

4: Effect of  beauty salon’s level ,easy use at home

5: Built in air filter, more clean air

6: Exquisite design, fashion appearance


Comparison & Differences:


1.png Manual Sprayer


The atomizing effect is unstable. The size of atomized particle depends on the pressure applied on the handle and the viscosity of the liquid.

It could only spray water or perfume.

2.png Electrical sprayer 


with atomizer

Could only spray water.

3.png Mist facial spray

The inside mini air pump could create 80 Kpa air pressure and could spray toner, which do NOT need to diluted first.moisturizing your skin.

NanoMix could be a better product combination for more cosmetics (compared with electrical sprayer)





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