Is IPL sapphireHair Remover really useful?

The most successful application of optics to the skin is hair removal, which fits the needs of women. I don’t know how many people worry about their lip hair and body hair, so these years, the laser hair removal project in hospitals and beauty salons has been carried out like a raging fire.

Use the basic principle of light depilation everybody must have understood: melanin has an intense light absorption effect, and light contains energy. At the root of the hair, where it grows, there is an area that produces a lot of melanin, and the cells here grow, and finally the hair forms. Therefore, the high-energy light that can penetrate the hair growth site (the hair bulb) can be absorbed by the cells in the MZ region and cause the hair bulb cells to be destroyed, so that hair will not grow again.

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Optical hair removal can be done using lasers or intense pulsed light. Laser is characterized by a single wavelength, but intense pulse light is not a single wavelength but has some wavelengths that constitute a spectral range. Simply put, a laser is like an awl, and intense pulses of light are like a rake, with multiple wavelengths of light acting simultaneously.

Traditionally, hair removal machines have been large, some as tall as half a person. It is mainly the demand for the light source, power, control, and other aspects, which need to be dealt with more problems clinically. Therefore, it is also relatively expensive to sell. It is normal for a set of hundreds of thousands of hair.

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With the development of dermatology research and optical technology, some manufacturers will move the brain, think that we always go to the body to do depilation is not very convenient, the price is more expensive, if you can easily sit at home to take off the hair, that much better!

Sunhills’s IPL Sapphire Hair Remover is the most powerful product of Sunhills at the present stage. It is the first case in the history of optical Hair removal that combines micro electric current and optics in the home field. The body is very compact and light, which meets the needs and aesthetics of modern people. It is also convenient and fast to use. At the same time, it is equipped with a blue light disinfection lamp box, which is more sanitary for cross use and conforms to the modern consumption concept.

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